La Cosmo Residences is the only Luxury apartment project in the central of Tan Binh District, adjacent to District 3 and Phu Nhuan District – The area famous for a prosperous, highly educated population and the Cultural diversity of the expatriate community living and working.

La Cosmo brings residents the quintessence of design, high-class utilities and sustainable investment value, which has excellently won the award of ‘BEST APARTMENT PROJECT IN VIETNAM 2018’ at the night of Dot Property Awards.



Name of project: La Cosmo Residences
Location: 350 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Investor: Duc Khai Joint Stock Company
Project development: An Gia Hung
Total area: 5,047 m2
Project scale: 1 Block – 26 floors & 1 basement – more than 500 apartments
Area apartment:
– Apartment 2 BR – 1 WC: 62 m2
– Apartment 2 BR – 2 WC: 77 m2 – 80 m2
– Apartment 3 BR – 2 WC: 95 m2 – 101 m2
– Mezzanine apartment with 3 BR – 3 WC: 62m2, 73m2, 77m2, 80m2, 83m2, 89m2, 90m2, 99m2 + mezzanine
– Office apartment: 29 m2 – 30 m2
Expected handover: Late 2021
Form of Ownership: Permanent with Vietnamese and 50 years with foreigners



La Cosmo is located in the city center, the area adjacent to Tan Binh, Phu Nhuan and District 3 districts.

La Cosmo project is located on the Hoang Van Thu gold route, right at the intersection of Hoang Van Thu diamond – Ut Tich – Nguyen Thai Binh, known as the “rare” expensive of Tan Binh area in particular and the whole HCM city in general.

Owning the position of diamond intersection – the key rotations of Ho Chi Minh City: Lang Cha Ca rotations, Bay Hien intersection. This is the place of traffic to the central districts such as district 10, district 3, Phu Nhuan , Go Vap, Binh Thanh …. only with 5 minutes.

La Cosmo occupies central, unique position in the heart of the city and adjacent to Tan Son Nhat International Airport – famous for its very high Real Estate value and continuous added value in the future.

La Cosmo located in a rare remaining land in Tan Binh, adjacent to the police of Tan Binh District, completely separated from urban noise and dust, giving residents a peaceful life, tranquility. This is also the place where the rare elite community, located next to the First Hotel – Tan Binh, the area is considered to be the gathering place of the “giants” in Ho Chi Minh City with a luxurious lifestyle, similarities to future residents at La Cosmo.

This area is also home to the most developed economy and commerce in the city, with a series of companies, large industrial parks, concentrated intellectuals along with a prosperous, civilized community.



La Cosmo with 55 Luxury Internal Utilities, Offers 5-star Resort Value


With La Cosmo, You Will Enjoy External Utilities Variety, Bring To Ultimate Experience
A Step Foot Thousand of Gadget



Overall ground of La Cosmo Residences

La Cosmo Residences is the only mezzanine apartment project in Tan Binh.

International design consultancy (USA and Korea) bring to architectural quintessence from developed countries in the world for La Cosmo.

Optimize ventilation solutions, natural lighting for parking areas, basements. Smart design solution that catches all the light, natural wind into the apartment, using environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving equipment to help reduce long-term operating costs, catch up with coins General development direction of real estate in the world.

The difference of the La Cosmo project is that the Bay Window area is further designed to serve reading, resting seats, sightseeing … without taking into account the area of the apartment.

Apartment premises of La Cosmo Residences



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Hotline:(+84) 943 449 339


    • La Cosmo is located in the area which almost without apartments because the land fund is no longer available, if any, the majority is land with a limited term of military along the Republic line, the signed contract is a lease, not a purchase contract sell.
    • Plus the availability of apartments near the airport area, the rental value of apartment is very good. La Cosmo Residences has more exploitation options as well as higher guaranteed value than other areas.
    • Apartment prices are likely to surge when the project to expand Tan Son Nhat airport is approved.
    • Limited quantity, high scarcity in the project and the whole region, is a leverage to increase prices quickly in the future.
    • Not to mention, the luxury housing market in the central area of ​​Saigon in the second half of 2019 is La Cosmo’s almost single playground when very few projects have been approved.
    • The high-end APARTMENT segment in Saigon has an absorption rate of up to 78%, especially in prime locations in the nuclear districts, including Tan Binh.
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